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AH, West Yorkshire 26/08/2016
"My sincere appreciation goes to you and your colleagues for your outstanding legal representation in ... [More]

Anon. 08/07/2013
"very good solicitor, very much helpful." ... [More]

U.Butt, Bradford 17/01/2013
"You as a Solicitor (Mr. Inayat) helped me in my family matter and I do admire your professional conduct." ... [More]

Anon. 29/11/2012
"... I am very pleased with your service". ... [More]

Anon. 06/05/2011
"would recommend to someone else because they respect individual personal circumstances and understanding ... [More]

Anon. 26/07/2010
"I would recommend Nadat Solicitors to anyone. I do believe they are really good ... I found Nadat Solicitorsbrilliant. ... [More]

Ateeq 05/07/2010
"So much help and advice and channeling into right direction and straightforward Brilliant ... you are ... [More]

Anon. 14/03/2010
"VERY HELPFUL." ... [More]

S.H., Dewsbury 19/09/2009
"...competency and professionalism shown in my case." ... [More]

Anon. 13/08/2009
"My concerns were taken seriously and acted on properly and I felt reassured. I was given a mobile number ... [More]

S. Miah, Bradford 22/04/2009
"He's very good, He's hard working - MR INAYAT KEEP IT UP !" ... [More]

R. Parveen, Dewsbury 17/04/2009
"I have been treated very good all time" ... [More]

K. Hussain, Dewsbury 31/03/2009
"...I found this Solicitors very helpful and understanding ... it was easy to contact you." ... [More]

S.H., Leeds 04/12/2008
"... I would also like to use this opportunity to thank you wholeheartedly for your assistance in this ... [More]

Mr. & Mrs. P., Dewsbury 13/06/2008
"... and it was easy to make initial contact." ... [More]

S.P. Batley 01/01/2008
“… for all of your helpful advice and support.  It is very much appreciated, everything ... [More]

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